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Do your effective boundless business using the leading software technologies. Nintex and K2 will expand your professional experience and develop the next level of business management.


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K2RU has more than 5 years of success in BPM/RPA development. We create innovative applications based on Nintex and K2 software and assist companies all around the globe in automating their business processes. We brought together a talented team of professionals, experts and consultants to digitalize your business with the best BPM/RPA technologies to change the way the decisions are made and make the software that can move at the velocity of business.
Our Services
Process automation with Nintex and K2 products is a great addition of more value, transparency and efficiency to your business. And we know how to use it right. You may be focused on the growth of your business, we'll take care of the rest.
K2 Applications Development
We offer a full-cycle K2 platform development services, including application design, integration with 3rd party products, workflow & forms implementation, reports and KPIs, with mobile support for your on-premise or cloud K2 environments.
We are able to support our customers at any phase of IT projects by delegating our consultants for the specified period of time or amount of work.
K2 Professional Consulting
It does not matter whether you to want get best-practiсes information from an expert, obtain some specific knowledge or HowTo recommendation about any of K2 products, get assistance in planning K2 architecture, solutions and installation or anything else – we are here to help you.
Support and re-engineering of existing K2 solutions deployed to your environments
We can provide post-warranty support and re-engineering services to the solutions that already exist in your K2 environments. Need to make great or minor changes to your current solution, but the developer has left the company and you can't find the sources? No worries, we are happy to assist here.
K2 Training
Do you want to make professional K2 training for your staff? Our specialists can share the basic principles, advanced technics, best practices and experience to get the maximum out of K2 software used by your company. We offer either onsite training in your office or offsite (remotely) via a web conference.


We also offer some advanced and customized items to help you making better solutions
Custom code
K2 is a great integration platform that has a lot of out-of-the box and ready-to-use integration objects. However, if you want to integrate your workflows, forms or reports with 3rd-party systems and K2 does not have an OOB connector for it, some coding may be required. We leverage the power of K2 SmartObjects Framework to build integration objects for you of any complexity.
Do you want your forms to adjust your corporate style or look like a professional website with some unique design and styled controls?

We can help you to design the appearance of your forms and make them user friendly indeed. We also can create landing pages for your applications with professional design and artwork.
Sometimes what we have is not enough. We can help to extend the power of standard K2 smartforms controls and develop the ones that will correspond to your needs exactly.
Custom code
Do you have a need of creating a custom task list, performing calculations, parsing files, exporting or importing data in a 'smart' way, analysing each row item and applying some complex business logic to it? Or do you need an object communicating to K2 APIs and accessible from a workflow, form or a report? Or native mobile application to work with your K2 solution? Custom ServiceObject? Or anything else? That's what we can do for you here. Just contact us.


Our specialists develop software solutions for the following industries
Digitizing healthcare processes allows to free time for patient care.
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Financial services
We help financial companies drive new workflow to boost revenue and control costs.
Digitizing manufacturing processes helps the company to respond better and faster to customer needs and market changes.
We help educational institutions innovate and transform for the future.
Oil and Gas
Digitizing processes promotes productivity growth, increase of accuracy and stability of performed operations.
Replacement of paper manual processes with digital forms and workflows allows to optimize resources and ensure the safety of documents.

Why outsource

With our expertise you save time, money
and a lot of effort.
Our experience speaks for itself. For more than 10 years we have been assisting companies all over the world to achieve better results in the automation of their business processes.
Individual approach
Every company we work with has its own concept and its approach of doing business. Therefore, in each project we try to take into account the wishes of our customers.
Save time
Save time of your employees and let them do other tasks while we doing our best to develop and deliver the results in the shortest possible time. We are professionals at K2 and this starts paying you back with the speed and the quality of our services.
Сost reduction
We will help you to reduce development costs, as our team develops solutions for K2 every single day and we do not need additional time to learn or improve our knowledge.
With us you can move from individual business applications to integrated solutions spreading all over your company, customers and partners with less time and efforts to boost the automation of your business and the growth of employee productivity.
Our team has one of the biggest competencies in the development of business applications on K2 platform in Europe and the CIS. We have assembled certified professionals with a high level of knowledge and a lot of practical expertise. The quality of our work has been proved by our customers.

How it works

Analysis and designing
At this stage, the creation of a graphical business process model and its dynamic analysis, the development of custom forms and interfaces, the definition of business procedures and process data.
At this phase, the created business process model is implemented - integration with existing information systems is carried out, business rules are introduced, the user interface and forms are introduced.
At this phase, processing and analysis of information about the work of the process, identify the problematic places of the created model, identify the problems of interaction of the system with other information systems and make adjustments to the business process.
Project delivery
We value every our client

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