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K2RU entered the Top-5 Russian integrators of BPMS systems for the second year in a row.

For the BPM market 2020 has been a period of contrasts against the backdrop of events in the global economy, adapting to work under the various constraints caused by COVID-19. Although the total revenue of the top 10 players in the Russian BPM market in 2020 amounted to ₽5.96 billion, having increased the previous figures by 12%, the total revenue of BPMS integrators decreased by 25%.
These statistics clearly reflect these aforementioned contrasts in action — despite the slowdown in the growth of the BPMS market, the global outlook is showing positive dynamics, which is a positive trend in the long-term strategy. BPMS systems have already become the basis of the IT landscape for most modern companies, which increasingly prefer Low-code and BPM technologies when implementing corporate business applications.
On November 30, 2021, CNews published its now traditional annual review of the BPM systems market. We are especially pleased that for the second year in a row K2RU is among the leaders of Russian integrators of BPMS systems. Adapting to work in the conditions of existing COVID restrictions left a certain imprint on the company’s performance, however, at the same time, it allowed K2RU to find new opportunities for growth and efficiency improvement, which not only compensated for the decline in 2020 revenue, but also promise to make 2021 the most a successful year since the inception of the company.