BPM technology integration for OLX Autos

Each country has its own particularities in the insurance procedure regulation, purchase and registration of cars, which entail a significant increase in the resources spent on the mechanical maintenance of all processes. Until now OLX Autos has used traditional methods for all stages of work, which include paperwork and communication via e-mail and telephone. 
To increase the competitiveness and efficiency of OLX Autos' work processes, it was necessary to automate the entire sales cycle by digitizing each stage of car sale and purchase, to set up timely error checks for each stage and to stabilize control over all processes.
The project, built on the technologies of the Nintex/K2 BPM platform, began its work in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Chile. All local features of the regions were taken into account. Each car sale and purchase process has been designed to automate and speed up the realization cycle as much as possible. In order to comprehensively improve the efficiency of the company's work processes, it was necessary to minimize the downtime between the requests, to calibrate a flexible system for assigning tasks and almost completely automate the work of performers and their teams at all stages of the project life cycle. 
Digitalization has spread to all levels of internal processes: inspections, price clarification, collecting and fixing all necessary documents, verifying the lawfulness of the car sale, delivery to the warehouse, processing by managers and filling out costs and tax data. Moreover, a number of external services and resources were developed, Sendgrid service was implemented to send messages via e-mail and OAuth-authorization was introduced.