Norilsk Nickel's Administrative Department business processes automation

The need for business automation is particularly evident if we look at the functioning of the departments and divisions.
Paperwork, manual processing of information coming from telephone or e-mail service requests, lack of process transparency or understanding of the current application status for the end users were all obstacles to the effective development and improvement of the speed and quality of services provided by the Administrative Department. 
The company began searching for a technology which could significantly reduce the time it took to deliver requests from the customers to the employees who were charged with the duty of fulfilling the tasks, reduce costs by at least 7-10%, set new standards of quality, simplicity and ease of electronic services usage as well as raise the level of customer awareness about the execution of their requests.
The Nintex/K2 BPM-platform was chosen to automate the processes of the Administrative Department. The platform is equipped with low-code tools for rapid development of applications, simple and clear user interfaces as well as extensive integration capabilities. This allowed in the shortest possible time to fulfill the task of creating a single electronic service catalog which brought together more than 40 different types of applications.
A multi-criteria search functionality was developed, the required types of reporting were implemented while the routing of requests takes into account numerous criteria and regulates the response preparation time. All this functionality has been brought together in a new one-stop-shop information portal with a rubricator and a catalog of services.